martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog.. In this blog, you can read about me and my english class II. This post it´s my homework...
So let me tell you a little bit of me ...

My name is Andrea Villalobos..

* Happy

* Sensitive

* Fun

* Sincere..... and something crazy..

I´m 18 years old, I´m studying at URBE, Graphic Design...<3

I live in Cecilio acosta,Maracaibo

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take pictures

I like using the computer, eat, dance, listen to music,design,go, sports and being with my friends and my family..(L)

                                                                  I have a sister..
and I have a brother

                                                    And dream of being a fashion designer.....

I hope you like my blog n.n*


I usually wake up at five o'clock in the morning, then I go to the bathroom and wash my face, brush my theeth and, I take a shower. I always prepare my breakfast to take it. I never it breakfast at home. Then I go to the university I have class from 7 am at 12 pm. After my class I go to my home to take a lunch I take a rest for half hour. I work in the nursing home with my mother. I work from 2 pm at 5 pm every day. Then back home I have to study and do my homework. Every night I love to talk my mon about my day. Then I go to bed to sleep.

                                                    MY MOTHER'S DAILY ROUTINE

My mother gets up early every day. She takes a shower and dress. After that she prepares breakfast. She always is ready to start her day. My mon takes me and my brother to the university and, takes my litter sister to the High School. Then she goes to her job. She works hard all day. My mon works from 7:30am at 11:30am. After that she picks up us to go home. Arriving home we help my mon to serve lunch. We always help my mon to wash the dishes. Then she takes a rest for half hour before going to work. She returns to work in the afternoon. She works from 2pm at 5pm. After leaving work she goes to the Bakery to buy some foods for dinner. She always prepares dinner for us and prepare the lunch for the next day. My mon always help us to do our homework. Then she goes to bed to sleep..  

                                                              I LIVE IN AN APARTAMENT

I live in an apartament. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a kitchen, laundry room,  living room, dining room and a balcony.  
In my room there are two beds and one hairdresser. On the my hairdresser are some brush,hair dryer, accesories and makeup. Also there is a TV in my room.
In the living room there are two sofa, a table, pictures and some plants.
In the laundry room there are a washing machine and dryer.
In the kitchen there is a stove, refrigerator and microwave
In the living room there is a table, pictures, lamps and there are four chairs.

My favorite room is my bedroom because I can study in my room, listen the music, paint, take pictures, read,exercise and much more..